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What is tubelift?

YouTube and social media can be challenging; tubelift's here to lift the load off your shoulders. Tubelift is a full service training and consultancy company specialized in social video performance optimization. Tubelift trains companies and individuals to work with social video platforms like YouTube in the most optimal (least time consuming and most algorithmically savvy) way. In addition we can help you lift your social video strategy to the next level.
How does that work exactly? Read on and find out!



Expertise. Data. Ingenuity. Strategy.

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Inspirational & Educational

The love for presenting and telling stories that captivate audiences is what got tubelift started. To create an atmosphere where fun, inspiration and learning go hand in hand. Extensive hands-on experience with the YouTube platform ensures training sessions are specifically catered to the challenges you or your company / brand faces. From a full-on beginners crash course to an advanced technical search and discovery algorithm breakdown, tubelift does it all!

Individuals and groups are trained in one to three day courses depending on the level of knowledge. After training attendees will be equipped to take on YouTube themselves and tackle the most common issues. 


Strategic Consultancy

The Long Term Done Right

Tubelift's strategic consultancy service is aimed to those who want to take their social video channel(s) to the next level. It doesn't really matter what your goals are, tubelift's here to assist you.


What tubelift can optimize for you:

  • content & channel strategy

  • data driven content creation

  • audience growth

  • engagement & conversion

  • monetization

  • channel management & SEO

  • Google Ads for YouTube

  • Content ID & DRM

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The Quickscan

Let's Take A Look Under The Hood!

Tubelift's consultancy service starts with a Quickscan of your channel(s). A Quickscan is like a checklist. All of your YouTube settings, uploaded videos and collected analytics data will be checked to evaluate your channel and content.


When the Quickscan is completed a full report is sent back to you. Current issues, possible fixes and optimizations are identified. A game plan is created to address those issues and the client's future goals are set. Then it's time to get the tools out and start lifting!


Data Driven Approach

Where Content Is King, Data Is Queen

Creating great content is no longer enough to attract audiences. Especially those hard to reach Millennials and Gen-Z'ers. There's so much content available, it's harder than ever to stand out and get found. This is where data comes into play. There's enormous amounts of data available, but using data in a way to optimize your content is a relatively new concept.


With the use of data tubelift can help you to i.a.: identify and reach your audience on social platforms like YouTube, activate them to engage, make them watch more and watch longer, direct their attention and their traffic, whilst always keeping an eye on your brand values and proposition. 



There's no i in team, but there's an i in Daniël


Hi I'm Daniël! I've been working with social video and especially YouTube for over 8 years. I was YouTube manager for Spinnin' Records and helped set up and manage Holland's largest and most accomplished Multi Channel Network: RTL MCN. I'm YouTube certified in Channel Growth, Asset Monetization and Content Ownership. And I specialize in data driven content creation, advanced analytics and algorithm-based optimization.


I decided to start tubelift to help companies reach their goals of connecting with the digital first generation. The generation with the shortest attention span ever. You only have 8 seconds grab their attention and they're gone before you know it. YouTube is the ideal platform to reach and engage with this audience, video content is about 85% of what this generation consumes online. If you can get their attention with a message they understand and keep them interested, they're the most loyal audience out there. 

Let's get in touch and see what tubelift can do for you!

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Daniël Büchner (Founder)


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